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  • The Principle of Abuse of Rights in International Law

    The Gulf Crisis as an Example – An Empirical Study

    Research Group IKCHSS


    The principle of “abuse of rights” is an early international law principle. Despite its significance in international law, taking into consideration the practice and the violations that may fall under it, the complexity of evidence required to rely on this principle reveals that international jurisdiction lacks the principle of abuse of rights in endorsing international responsibility. However, the principle of abuse of rights is fundamental in international law literature and is endorsed by many international conventions and provisions that emphasize the need to adhere to it, taking into account the consecutive events that are happening in the region. The international law literature also covers the adaptation to countries behaviors and the rights and duties of nations in compliance with international law. Therefore, to which extent the actions committed in creating the Gulf crisis and its aftermath, claiming the use of rights, became an abuse of rights?

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    IKCHSS IKCHSS, R. 2020. The Principle of Abuse of Rights in International Law: The Gulf Crisis as an Example – An Empirical Study. Doha: Qatar University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10576/15024

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    Published on 25 نوفمبر، 2020





    PDF 978-992-713-923-9


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